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Reviews of ISO 9001 registrars

Selecting an ISO 9001 registrar that fits your individual circumstances is important. There are many criteria but the most important one is the registrar's accreditation.

You will easily find numerous local ISO 9001 registrars in your city (or a nearby large city) – just conduct an internet search. As the first selection criteria, verify that the ISO 9001 registrar is accredited by your country's accreditation board (for example, RAB in the USA). Be aware of registrars without accreditation - their services and certification will have no value!

You may also want to consider one of the large international ISO 9001 registrars, particularly if your company has offices or facilities in different cities or countries. The following are some of the best known international registrars:


Det Norske Veritas (DNV) is one of the worlds largest certification and accreditation companies. We have had excellent experience with their auditors. Also, pricing is very competitive. If your company has operations throughout the world, you will especially appreciate that DNV has local auditors in many regions and countries.

The bottom line: 4.5 stars


ISO Accreditation Service (IAS) offers ISO 9001 certification without accreditation – in other words, a sham ISO 9001 certification. We would like to caution you using such a “certification” in marketing as it will likely backfire and expose the holder of such a certificate as untrustworthy or even unethical.

The bottom line: 1 star


BSI Global is a large ISO 9001 certification company with offices in over 100 countries.

The bottom line: not rated


TUV Cert offers ISO 9001 certification services worldwide.

The bottom line: not rated

We welcome your feedback and input: if you would like to share your own experience or if you have suggestions for other good ISO 9001 registrars, please send us feedback.