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Reviews of information on ISO 9001

There are many sources of information on ISO 9001. To help you choose a reliable source of information on ISO 9001 issues, we are sharing with you our editor reviews which are based on our own research and actual user experiences.

Elsmar Cove Forums

This well-respected ISO 9001 discussion forum has been closed. We will notify you on this site once Elsmar Cove reopens or once a similar forum replaces Elsmar Cove.

The bottom line: 5 stars

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

This is the official ISO website. Here you'll find information on the organization, on the ISO 9000 standards series, as well as on other ISO standards. You can also find links to national quality bodies (like ANSI for the USA). The site is a bit hard to navigate, and many articles are relatively dry and technical. To make it easier for you to find what you need, here are some useful links:

National Quality Bodies that sell the ISO 9001 standard in your language

ISO 9000 Essentials

The bottom line: 4 stars


Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia with content provided and updated by its users. Wikipedia provides some interesting information about the history of the ISO 9000 standards series, about the different ISO 9000 revisions, about certification and auditing, and about industry specific versions; there is also a discussion on some of the criticism concerning the ISO 9000 standards series. Great information that's hard to find anywhere else!

The bottom line: 5 stars

We welcome your feedback and input: if you would like to share your own experience or if you have suggestions for other good sources of information on ISO 9001, please send us feedback.