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August 2022

Videos are great. Usability surveys consistently demonstrate their effectiveness in presenting content and engaging target audiences. We decided to review three ISO 9001 explanatory videos and share our opinions.

So here they are. They each differ in how they present ISO 9001: they all have their own look and feel, their own narratives and individual merits. We encourage users in the early stages of their ISO 9001 projects to watch them all and learn as much as possible.


We've long been keen admirers of 9001Simplified's market-leading certification kits and training solutions, and were eager to take a look at some of their new videos on YouTube. On the whole, production values are commendable and presenters succeed in delivering their messages concisely and in clear, accent-free English. These videos are great resources.

Our verdict
In our opinion, the video we reviewed (shown below) is perhaps a bit shallow. It's probably perfect for complete beginners, but we wish it were a bit longer and explored ISO 9001 basics in greater depth. In particular, we would like more information about the benefits that ISO 9001-certified organizations accrue.

ISO 9001 Simplified


BSI – the British Standards Institution – was founded in 1901 by Sir John Wolfe-Barry, the man who designed London's Tower Bridge. The company was the world's first National Standards Body and in 1946 was instrumental in forming the International Organization for Standardization. These days BSI is a global powerhouse with offices in several dozen countries around the world.

This video, though somewhat outdated, showcases some of the many benefits that BSI clients gain after implementing ISO 9001. These benefits include:

Organizations become a more consistent competitor in their market place

Better quality management helps organizations to meet customer needs

More efficient ways of working helps organizations save time, money and resources

ISO 9001 motivates and engages staff, with more efficient internal processes

ISO 9001 wins more high-value customers thanks to better customer services

ISO 9001 broadens business opportunities by demonstrating compliance

Our verdict
With a runtime at just over five and half minutes, this explanatory video is superb. Despite being slightly outdated, it offers pretty much everything you'd expect from one of the world's leading ISO 9001 registrars; it's nicely put together and very informative.

ISO 9001:2015

TÜV Rheinland

TÜV Rheinland is part of the TÜV group of companies in Germany and Austria. This explanatory video of theirs skips along at a refreshingly brisk pace and serves up a pleasant combination of interesting content and colorful graphics. It's a fun watch.

The video highlights five core benefits of implementing ISO 9001:

Improve market access opportunities

Increase organizational efficiency

Generate trust with your customers

Improve processes and structures

Achieve significant cost savings

Our verdict
Short, sharp, and sweet. Ninety seconds of solid content from an outstanding German company. It's very good.

TÜV Rheinland


Videos can be wonderful learning tools. We've reviewed three that in our opinion are very good, but there are many others out there that may be just as good or possibly even better.

We implore newcomers to ISO 9001 to undertake their own research, read as many reliable sources as possible, and practice due diligence. Implementing ISO 9001 might initially seem like a minefield, but when armed with a solid body of knowledge, navigating the starting point to the finishing line can at times be surprisingly easy. If you need further help, please get in touch.

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