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About us

The 9001 Council is an international organization of quality professionals who specialize in ISO 9001 quality management systems.

Our executive committee and our core members are veteran experts in ISO 9001 quality management systems, who have gained many years of experience with all aspects of the ISO 9001 standard on a worldwide basis. Our expertise includes quality management and quality assurance, ISO 9001 auditing, ISO 9001 implementation, business consulting and management.

9001Council.org, which is not affiliated with ISO, is the official website of our international compliance support network. This website serves the members of the the 9001 Council, as well as members of the general public with an interest in ISO 9001.

The public section of this website is intended to be a forum for practical information and advice on ISO 9001 and its implementation. It is our hope and belief that the resources contained within the site will help alleviate many of the difficulties which companies encounter on their journey towards ISO 9001 certification.

A new name

July 17 2011. We are pleased to announce our name change. Henceforth, the ISO 9000 Council will be known as the 9001 Council. This new name reflects the fact that ISO 9001 is now the dominant designation.

All other certification standards of the ISO 9000 series (ie, ISO 9002 and ISO 9003) have become obsolete, leaving ISO 9001 as the only standard that sets forth requirements for quality management systems. With the phasing out of ISO 9002 and ISO 9003, the designation “ISO 9000” has been continually losing importance, while the designation “ISO 9001” has become globally recognized.

On another note, with ISO 9001 now being implemented in over one million organizations in over 170 countries, we have reached capacity and are – for the time being – no longer accepting applications for membership. We remain, however, dedicated to providing the best possible advice to all companies pursuing ISO 9001 certification through this website.

Our goal

Our goal is to promote the global acceptance and utilization of ISO 9001 as a tool for increased quality, customer satisfaction and business/process efficiency.

ISO 9001 was originally designed as a tool to help businesses worldwide improve the quality of their products and services and achieve higher customer satisfaction, all while improving the overall business operations. However, many businesses have lost sight of the real purpose of ISO 9001 and merely focus on achieving ISO 9001 for marketing purposes. While there is nothing wrong with utilizing the ISO 9001 certification for marketing, a large number of businesses that focus only on quick certification end up with an inefficient and bureaucratic ISO 9001 system that ultimately harms the business.

Our solution

We offer practical solutions to the underlying problems that companies typically face with their ISO 9001 systems.

In attempting to reach our goal, we identified a number of key problems that companies face in implementing an ISO 9001:2015 quality management system that helps increase quality, customer satisfaction and business/process efficiency. We then tried to offer a practical solution to these problems.

Key Problem 1: Misconceptions about ISO 9001 cause companies take a wrong ISO 9001 implementation approach.

Our Solution: We are providing some valuable information on the ISO 9001 standard and on ISO 9001 implementation. With this information, you will hopefully start out in the right direction.


Key Problem 2: Companies spend unnecessarily large amounts of money and time on their ISO 9001 implementation.

Our Solution: We find that for many small and mid-size companies the use of ISO 9000 consultants is not the ideal way to implement their ISO 9001 quality management system. Instead, those companies can do very well implementing ISO 9001 in-house using good documentation templates. This is the reason why we created an entire section on ISO 9001 documentation templates.


Key Problem 3: Use of bad documentation templates, particularly templates that create inefficient ISO 9001:2015 systems.

Our Solution: In our Reviews section, we share with you our own in-depth research and expert reviews of ISO 9001 templates and other implementation tools. We also provide some tips on how to choose materials that we haven't reviewed.


Key Problem 4: Companies merely see ISO 9001 as a marketing tool, and fail to realize its great potential as a tool for increased quality, customer satisfaction and business/process efficiency.

Our Solution: We are providing some information that should help clarify ISO 9001's potential as a powerful business improvement tool. All our product reviews are also explicitly taking the aspect of business value-added into account.


Key Problem 5: Following outdated and obsolete ISO 9001 books and templates.

Our Solution: Please be aware that many ISO 9001 books and documentation templates currently available are obsolete. Even years after the last revision of the ISO 9000 standards, there are still many books and templates on a previous version of ISO 9001 available or they have merely been tweaked to appear to fit the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 revision. However, the result of this "tweaking" is generally inadequate.

We are providing several reviews to help you avoid such obsolete books and templates. However, in case you evaluate other materials yourself, we also list some tips and warning signals.

Membership applications

Thank you for your interest but we are currently not accepting any new membership applications as we have reached our capacity.

Due to enormous interest, however, we are working on increasing our capacity so that new members can be accepted in the future. Please check this page periodically, but kindly refrain from asking us to place you on a waiting or notifications list.

Press and media inquiries

Please direct your inquiries and requests for a media kit to: info@9001council.org

Your feedback is appreciated

We are constantly trying to improve this website and the information provided. Please send your feedback, comments and reviews of this website or of any pertinent ISO 9001 related products and information to: info@9001council.org

We appreciate your continuing support.

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