The 9001Council

The 9001Council is an international non-governmental organization that offers information and advice to support your company's ISO 9001 implementation and certification. Since 1998 the 9001Council has been dedicated to promoting ISO 9001 as a tool for increased quality, customer satisfaction and business process efficiency.

Our Executive Committee forms the heart of the Council and as of mid-2018 has a combined experience of more than 130 years. We also work closely with Council members, whose case studies of real-world ISO implementation are an invaluable counterpart to our own research and analysis.

The public section of this website is intended to be a platform for practical information and advice on ISO 9001 and its implementation. We hope the resources contained herein will help alleviate many of the difficulties which companies encounter on their journey towards ISO 9001 certification.

9001Council Executive Committee


Membership is open to quality professionals, senior executives and those responsible for implementing and managing their company's Quality Management System, as well as public and private organizations. We are currently not accepting new members as we have reached our capacity. In order to accept new members in the future, we are currently upgrading our systems and capabilities, including forum software and internal messaging systems; we are also developing an API that will allow Council members to access real-time information across a range of platforms and devices. Please check our membership page periodically for updates and our revised membership plans (including fees and payment options).

Please note that membership renewal options for existing Council members will remain unchanged. If you have any questions, contact Manfred Hofer, Director of Member Services at (please reference #renewal in the subject line).

Our mission

Our mission is to help organizations worldwide improve their quality, customer satisfaction and business processes efficiency by implementing an effective ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS). We will accomplish this through

support for Council members,

public information, practical tips and advice about ISO 9001,

research, analysis and engagement with relevant industry groups.

We will pursue our goals with honesty and integrity.

Practical solutions

Our research consistently shows a number of key problems that arise when implementing an ISO 9001 QMS. We address these problems with practical solutions that organizations worldwide can apply to fully benefit from ISO 9001, while saving resources at the same time.

Key problem 1: Misconceptions about the Standard cause companies to take a wrong approach to ISO 9001 implementation.

Our solution: We offer valuable information about ISO 9001 and its implementation, which hopefully will enable you to start out in the right direction.

Key problem 2: Companies spend unnecessarily large amounts of time and money on their implementation.

Our solution: For many small and mid-size companies the use of ISO 9000 consultants is not the ideal way to implement a QMS. We share case studies, tips and recommendations on how such companies can successfully implement ISO 9001 at a small budget in-house.

Key problem 3: Companies base their QMS on cumbersome documentation templates that create inefficient ISO 9001 systems.

Our solution: We share our research into the pros and cons of documentation templates, implementation kits and other implementation tools. We also share our own reviews as well as detailed guidelines on how anybody can conduct a review prior to investing time and money.

Key problem 4: Companies merely see ISO 9001 as a marketing tool and fail to realize its full potential.

Our solution: We provide information, research and analysis to help clarify the various benefits that companies typically accrue after implementing an effective ISO 9001 system.

Key problem 5: Following incorrect, obsolete or misleading advice on ISO 9001.

Our solution: We share in-depth information and research, useful recommendations and practical warnings so that you don't build your QMS on the wrong foundation or fall victim to marketing gimmicks.


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