The 9001Council is an international organization that offers information and advice to support your company's ISO 9001 implementation and certification.

Our Executive Committee is comprised of veteran experts in ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems; our expertise includes quality management and assurance, ISO 9001 auditing and implementation, business consulting and management.


The 9001 Council provides you with all the information you need about ISO 9001, ranging from concise overviews to detailed case studies.

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Several routes can be taken in order to implement ISO 9001 and achieve certification. We help you choose the best way for your situation.


There are many services and resources that can assist you with ISO 9001. Since qualitative differences are significant, we'll help you choose.

Small Businesses: Should You Use an ISO 9001 Consultant?

How effective are ISO 9001 consultants for small and medium-sized companies, and what impact do they have on the company's Quality Management System? Our global survey provides important answers.

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Interview with Professor Dr. De Vries on ISO 9001:2015 and Standardization

An interview with Professor Henk J. de Vries, Associate Professor of Standardization at the Rotterdam School of Management and recognized expert in the field of ISO 9001.

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The 9001Council since 1998


We have assisted Council members in more than twenty countries worldwide to achieve full ISO 9001 certification.


We remain 100% commited to ISO 9001 as a tool for better, more efficient and productive business practices.


Our Executive Committee includes ISO 9001 experts with a combined experienced of more than 130 years.

Distribution of ISO 9001 certificates in 2016

ISO 9001 is the world's most popular international standard and is implemented by companies around the globe. The darkest areas of the map below indicate countries in which more than 10,000 ISO 9001 certificates were issued; the second darkest areas show countries in which 1000-10,000 certificates were issued. Source:

ISO 9001 Certificates Distribution 2016

on average, ISO 9001-certified organizations achieve benefits, particularly from increased sales

Henk J De Vries

Dr. Ir. Henk J. de Vries
Associate Professor of Standardization
Rotterdam School of Management
Erasmus University
Rotterdam, The Netherlands